Picnic ‘Shehal’

Day before yesterday phone call came and asked to join for “Picnic”. Lady on phone said it is free of cost, a complete day trip that to with food and sight seeing. No wonder as a Indian I accepted, the offer.


Trip begin at morning 6.30 a bus transport was arranged and we gathered on time. Bus was full with few seat standing. Organizer arranged more than 5 buses. They all are coming from different directions of outskirt of Mumbai town. People in this buses were all are aged couple and some are single’s. Most of them were retire or middle aged. More to my surprise a spot of visit is a hospital.

A place full of serene beauty in lap of nature. Below the hill. Spread in around 4 acres of land. A feeling of small village with small huts in many numbers. Huts were with modern amenities with all ancient look and feels. A big cafeteria. A big conference hall and well setup panchkarma setup.

Yes it is Ayurvedic Hospital – now though some treat it as alternative medicine, was the only source of treatment available in India in ancient and medieval times.

What I loved was they never promoted there product nor they promoted any of their services. Just they did was shared information and information (I mean more info) on disease and its cure. They just cleared all doubts. More stress was given on human well-beings through lifestyle changes. By asking to do morning brisk walks daily for half an hour. Also add Yoga, Asanas, Pranayama for half an hour.

Yes  guys I am talking about Madhavbaug a place were all myths and misconception on heart related treatment are taken care. kindly visit on given link for much details:  http://www.madhavbaug.org/

I would say I have learned a lot. I would suggest all to visit such Picnic ‘Shehal’

Though the 1st session is of half day and second session was all about sight seeing of nearby places. We visited ‘Gagangiri Maharaj Math’ A saint n Sadhu ashram near Khopoli. After this we pilgrimaged the one of Asthavinayak temple known as ‘Varad Vinayak temple’ of Mahad near Khopoli.

A day well remembered make life more meaningful. And sharing experience make it more worth.


(Thanks for reading. I will try to share some mobile click photo of this Picnic ‘Shehal’





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